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Death’s Head and the Young Avengers blow up killer robots in this exclusive

All images: Marvel Comics

The Young Avengers are hotter than they’ve ever been right now. Kate “Hawkeye” Bishop is slated to make her Marvel Studios debut in next year’s Hawkeye Disney+ series, potentially setting up an MCU Young Avengers franchise. Meanwhile, Billy “Wiccan” Kaplan and Teddy “Hulkling” Altman have recently been at the center of a global news story following the mayor of Rio de Janeiro censoring Young Avengers comics at a book fair for showing two men kissing. It would be a great time to announce a new Young Avengers series, and Marvel already has a prime candidate writing half of the old team in the current Death’s Head miniseries: Tini Howard.

Cover by Nick Roche

Death’s Head is a zany action romp about a robot assassin clashing with his newer, younger model, but it also feels like a backdoor pilot for a book expanding on what Howard is doing with Billy and Teddy in these pages, exploring how Billy’s god-like power intensifies his early adulthood malaise. This is still a Death’s Head book, though, and the creative team delights in the over-the-top action that defines the bounty hunter. This exclusive preview of next week’s Death Head #3 has the two Death’s Heads working with Billy, Teddy, and their old teammate, Kate, to take out giant robots created by a mad scientist.

Artist Kei Zama’s work on IDW’s Transformers title made her adept at handling robot characters in action as well as in conversation, an important skill that ensure the Death’s Heads match the expression that their dialogue demands. Zama’s artwork fully captures the formidable attitude of the original model, and Felipe Sobreiro’s bright pops of color and Travis Lanham’s sound effects energize the action sequence in these pages. Death’s Head is the kind of miniseries about a lesser-known character that can easily be overlooked, but the legions of Young Avengers fans should seek this book out for a very fun story featuring heroes who deserve more time in the spotlight.

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