Will Smith as Deadshot in Suicide Squad (2016)

Who he is: Deadshot, a.k.a. Floyd Lawton

His power: No superpowers, but he is very, very good with a weapon. Specifically, a gun. Even more specifically, a bullet, and putting one literally wherever he wants.


His story: One of the world’s most skilled assassins for hire, Lawton is one of the deadliest marksman around. He made a living as a contract hitman while raising a daughter, but was captured by Batman after he refused to shoot the hero in front of his daughter. Like the other members of Task Force X, he was pressed into service by intelligence officer Amanda Waller after one of her other blackmailed assets, the Enchantress, went rogue and attempted to destroy the world (as seen in Suicide Squad). In exchange for a lighter sentence (and periodic unsupervised visits with his daughter), Lawton joins other villains and successfully manages to prevent Enchantress and her brother from succeeding. In the meantime, he also makes some jokes and shoots some creatures.

Played by: Will Smith

Currently, Deadshot is: Back in prison, likely awaiting either his next mission or next visit with his daughter.


Where will we see him next: For sure the next Suicide Squad movie and possibly the Harley Quinn film, though neither project has announced a cast or release date yet.