Edi Gathegi as Darwin in X-Men: First Class (2011)

Who he is: Darwin, a.k.a. Armando Muñoz

His power: Darwin’s body instantly adapts to survive whatever circumstance he finds himself in.


His story: In his final moments, Darwin probably wishes he never picked up Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr in his cab. The taxi driver only gets to enjoy the perks of being an X-Man for a short time, with one night of partying before his early demise. Despite his ability to adapt to environmental factors (he grows gills when underwater, forms a hard protective shell when attacked), he’s unable to survive the forced absorption of Havok’s energy blast, which gets transferred into Armando’s body by the villainous Sebastian Shaw. Darwin reaches out to his teammate as his body tries to contain the force by becoming metal, then stone, but ultimately there’s nothing to be done to prevent the explosion.

Played by: Edi Gathegi

Currently, Darwin is: Still dead, though maybe his mutant power made each of his exploded body parts gradually come back together over time. It’s been 20 years since his death, so he could be re-formed and back behind the wheel of his cab because there’s no reason to go back to the X-Men after such a lousy first experience.


Where will we see him next? There are no plans for Darwin to appear in any future sequels, but resurrection isn’t completely out of the picture, especially given the nature of his powers.