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Col. Nathan Hardy

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Who he is: Colonel Nathan Hardy, call sign “Guardian”

His power: Col. Hardy is a trained soldier of the United States Air Force and a talented fighter, but he has no superpowers.


His story: In Man Of Steel, Col. Nathan Hardy serves as the in-field representative of the United States military in its dealings with the alien Kal-El and the threat posed by the Kryptonian General Zod. He’s introduced while his unit, accompanied by Dr. Emil Hamilton, is investigating possible alien activity in the Arctic, a mission that’s also of interest to reporter Lois Lane. Hardy later captures Lane after she makes contact with a mysterious man skulking around the area with apparent supernatural powers, but is unable to learn his identity. When invading aliens attack Smallville, Kansas, Hardy leads the charge against them (and the recently captured Clark Kent), coming face to face with a murderous Faora Hu-Ul. He is saved from certain death by Kal-El. He later repays the favor, piloting the Kryptonian craft that brought Superman to Earth into Zod’s battleship, sending its crew (and presumably himself) back into the Phantom Zone.

Played by: Christopher Meloni

Currently, Col. Nathan Hardy is: Either dead, or chilling out in the Phantom Zone with a bunch of evil Kryptonians who want him dead.


Where will we see him next? There are no plans at present for Hardy to appear in any future DC movies; that being said, his military call sign, “Guardian,” is the name of a mid-tier Jack Kirby hero, so you might not want to count him out.

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