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Chris Bradley

Who he is: Chris Bradley

His power: Chris Bradley can generate electricity with his body and control anything electrically powered.


His story: Chris Bradley has a small part in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, using his technopathy to assist Major William Stryker’s Team X mutant strike force. He has the ability to biologically create an extremely valuable energy resource but instead decides to become a carnival sideshow after leaving Team X, and he never gets the opportunity to realize his potential because he’s quickly killed off by his former colleague, Victor Creed.

Played by: Dominic Monaghan

Currently, Chris Bradley is: The timeline changes of X-Men: Days Of Future Past make Chris Bradley’s current status unknown, but he’s most likely squandering his mutant talents somewhere.

Where will we see him next? There are no plans for Chris Bradley to reappear, and given his miniscule role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, his spark will probably stay out for the foreseeable future.

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