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Bob’s Burgers recipes and Sex And The City are on sale on Amazon today

In an effort to both serve our readers and help support The A.V. Club, we are going to post daily links to deals and interesting items that we find over on Amazon. If you use these links to click through and buy something—not just the thing you clicked—on Amazon, we will see a portion of that income. You don’t have to do that if you don’t want to, but if you do, know that we appreciate it.

ROBO 3-D printer ($599.99)


This usually retails for over $700, so if you’ve always wanted to 3-D print your own shoes or a mechanical hand, now’s a good time. (Seriously, you can do some cool shit with these. Google it.)

Bob’s Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes For Joke Burgers ($12.01)

Reviewer Bill Jones said this cookbook has a “solid sense of humor, great approach to cookbook writing, and a set of recipes that give the cook plenty of options to stay traditional or get adventurous.” He tried out five of the recipes, with the Enoki Dokie coming out on top.

Entourage and Sex And The City ($43.99-$59.99)


While we have a few questions about marketing Entourage and Sex And The City together, these really are great prices—$60 (down from $300) for all of Entourage on Blu-ray and $43.99 (down from $175) for all of Sex And The City.

Cellphone cases (prices vary)


How much money have you spent on screen repair? How much time have you spent staring at Facebook through a badly cracked screen?

Pokémon Monopoly ($34.91)


What’s a Christmas tree without another version of Monopoly sitting underneath it? Get a head start on your holiday shopping and capitalize on the popularity of Pokémon Go while you still can.

@MySadCat 2017 Calendar ($11.48)


Yesterday we featured a calendar with Ralph, a.k.a. @MySmugCat, but if you’re really opposed to his sideburns and are more of an emo/goth/sad-sack type, check out The Bear’s calendar for next year.

Nextwave: Agents Of H.A.T.E.: The Complete Collection ($23.32)


William Hughes recommended this 2006 comic back in February, calling it “essentially the perfect comic: compact, backstory-light, and shot through with an irreverent sense of fun that makes it stand out just as well now as it did when it was sharing rack space with dour nonsense like Civil War or DC’s Infinite Crisis.”

Far Side Virtual by James Ferraro ($8.99 MP3, $23.82 vinyl)


Listen to the same vaporwave that staff writer Ignatiy Vishnevetsky does when he works. He says that this album is still probably the best of the genre.

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