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Blind Al

Who she is: Blind Al

Her power: None, although the ability to tolerate Deadpool as a roommate is almost a superpower.


Her story: Little is known about the elderly blind woman Deadpool meets at the laundromat that later becomes his roommate, but she’s damn funny in Deadpool. Blind Al misses cocaine and can’t assemble Ikea furniture, and offers emotional support to Wade when he doesn’t know how to deal with his relationship with Vanessa. She’s the perfect person to convince Wade that looks aren’t everything when it comes to love, and he repays her kindness by hiding 116 kilos of cocaine and the cure for blindness in the apartment. He could be making a joke, but in a world where Wade Wilson’s cancer was cured by forced genetic mutation, it’s very possible that Blind Al becomes Seeing Cokehead Al after Deadpool leaves to save his girlfriend.

Played by: Leslie Uggams

Currently, Blind Al is: Looking for a new roommate, who she might be able to see now.


Where will we see her next? Blind Al isn’t confirmed for Deadpool 2, but she’s such a delight in the first movie that it’s very likely she’ll return. Deadpool may not be her roommate, but they’re still besties!

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