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Betty Ross

Liv Tyler as Betty Ross in The Incredible Hulk

Who she is: Betty Ross

Her power: No powers, but she is a first-rate scientist.

Her story: Betty Ross appears in The Incredible Hulk, where she is shown to have been in a relationship with Bruce Banner, and was working with him on the Gamma radiation project that went awry and turned him into the Hulk. After Banner fled the country, she continued to work at Culver University in the Pacific Northwest and began dating psychologist Leonard Samson. However, upon Banner’s secret return to the States, she discovered him by accident at the pizza place they used to frequent. The two of them reconnected, and after an attack on Banner by her father, Thaddeus Ross, knocked her unconscious, she went into hiding with him. The two made their way to New York, where she helped Bruce meet up with Dr. Samuel Sterns to investigate a possible antidote to Banner’s condition. However, after Hulk defeated the Abomination, Bruce again left her in order to evade capture.


Played by: Liv Tyler

Currently, Betty Ross is: Presumably back at Culver University.

Where will we see her next? It’s unlikely we’ll see Betty any time soon. The Incredible Hulk remains her only film appearance to date.

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