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Riverdale’s modus operandi seems to be, “when one mystery closes, another mystery opens,” so it’s all-together shocking—and wholly satisfying—that its latest episode finally put a bow on the season-long mystery of Jughead’s fake death. “The Locked Room” not only tells us the great lengths Betty and company went to convince everyone (including Riverdale’s viewers) that Jughead was dead, but also lets our favorite sleuthing couple boast to Dupont and the Stonewall Preppies that they’ve uncovered the murderous secrets of the Quill And Skull. Just like that, most of season four’s big questions have been answered, save for a dangling thread or two (we’ll call it a Hanging Chic). Our podcast Dial M For Maple returns to unpack each new revelation, and to herald the long-awaited reappearance of everyone’s favorite money-grubbing mortician, Dr. Curdle, Jr.! Elsewhere in the episode, Marah recommends some other tantalizing whodunnit yarns and Cameron shares his thoughts on the new KJ Apa-starring biopic, I Still Believe.

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