Who he is: Azazel

His power: Azazel can teleport short and long distances and has a prehensile tail with a stinger-like tip.


His story: Azazel is one of Sebastian Shaw’s enforcers in X-Men: First Class, and while the specifics of his background and his relationship to Shaw are a mystery, his accent implies that he has a Russian background. (His red skin could also be a visual signifier of his political affiliation.) Azazel teleports Col. Robert Hendry thousands of feet from the Hellfire Club’s Las Vegas base to the Pentagon, and later uses his abilities in a more offensive capacity when Shaw attacks the C.I.A.’s covert research base housing Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr’s new mutant recruits. Azazel terrifies the youngsters by teleporting C.I.A. officials hundreds of feet in the air and then dropping them to their deaths, and he quickly teleport-slices through armed guards when they rush into action. Later, Azazel helps intensify the Cuban Missile Crisis by killing the crew of a Russian ship carrying a nuclear payload, but the X-Men put an end to Shaw’s plan before he starts World War III. Azazel joins Magneto, Mystique, and the remaining Hellfire Club mutants at the end of the movie, but a website connected to an X-Men: Days Of Future Past viral marketing video reveals that Azazel is killed by President Kennedy’s Project: WideAwake C.I.A. taskforce.

Played by: Jason Flemyng

Currently, Azazel is: Dead, unless he’s an immortal demon like his comic-book counterpart, in which case he may have recovered from whatever Trask Industries did to him when they got his corpse.


Where will we see him next? There are no plans for Azazel to reappear in any future X-movies, but in the comics he’s Nightcrawler’s father, so that may come up even though the timing doesn’t really work out.