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Who he is: Aquaman, a.k.a. Arthur Curry, King Of Atlantis

His power: Aquaman possesses superstrength, super-swimming, and the ability to breathe underwater. He also carries a big trident and may or may not be able to telepathically communicate with sea life.


His story: Aquaman has yet to make a proper appearance beyond his cameo in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, so the details of his life are largely unknown. What we do know, however, is that he has a fondness for a small fishing village and doesn’t especially like being bothered by land people. He also has some relationship with Mera.

Played by: Jason Momoa

Currently, Aquaman is: Hanging out in the aforementioned fishing village or in his undersea kingdom, waiting for the Justice League movie to introduce him to the world.

Where will we see him next? In Justice League in November 2017, then his own film in 2018.

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