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Another Riverdale baddie rides his rocket too close to the sun

Illustration for article titled Another iRiverdale /ibaddiei /irides his rocket too close to the sun
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Betty’s quest to free her mom from the clutches of The Farm leads to an especially loopy episode of Riverdale, one that has Dial M For Maple wondering if Edgar Evernever ever had a plan in the first place. Hosts Marah and Cameron are on hand to recap the madcap “Dog Day Afternoon,” and the pair attempts to sniff out which of the show’s shady new characters is the shadiest of them all. Marah also ponders the logistics of Betty’s passport procurement plan, while Cameron is just happy to see beloved social worker Miss Weiss again. Plus, a listener points out that we should take a closer look at Donna Sweet, a Stonewall Prep student with a name suspiciously similar to Donna Tartt, whose debut novel may hint at where the season is headed.

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