Zoë Kravitz as Angel Salvadore in X-Men: First Class (2011)

Who she is: Angel Salvadore

Her power: Angel Salvadore worked as an exotic dancer before meeting Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, who invite her to join their CIA-sanctioned mutant team in X-Men: First Class. She parties with the other young recruits but quickly discovers the danger of this new life when Sebastian Shaw attacks the CIA’s covert research base. Rather than lose her life to Shaw and his associates, Angel decides to join them. Working with the Hellfire Club, she tries to take out Banshee and Havok in the air by shooting acid balls at them, but Havok shoots her down. Angel is part of Magneto’s new Brotherhood at the end of the film, but she dies in the years that follow, killed by the U.S. government and experimented on to advance anti-mutant projects like Bolivar Trask’s Sentinel program.


Played by: Zoë Kravitz

Currently, Angel Salvadore is: Dead.

Where will we see her next? Unless she has the mutant power to rise from the dead after a significant period of time (it’s been 20 years since she was killed), Angel won’t be making any future appearances in the XMU.