Who she is: Angel Dust

Her power: Angel Dust is super strong and can withstand most damage.

Her story: Appearing in Deadpool, Angel Dust undergoes Ajax’s experimental procedure to gain superpowers and doesn’t end up with a seething hatred of the man like the titular character. Instead she becomes Ajax’s henchwoman, using her superstrength to restrain other test subjects like Wade Wilson as they’re tortured in the name of mad science. Angel Dust stays by Ajax’s side when Wade escapes and becomes the masked Deadpool. She helps Ajax kidnap Wade’s lover, Vanessa, and fights the X-Men Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead while Deadpool saves his girl. She’s one of the few bad guys to make it out of the movie alive, but she has to live without her old boss, who takes a bullet to the brain at the end of the film.


Played by: Gina Carano

Currently, Angel Dust is: Probably looking for new employment as security detail, or pursuing a career in MMA.


Where will we see her next? Angel Dust isn’t confirmed for Deadpool 2, but as one of the only villains in Deadpool’s rogues gallery, she could definitely make a return. Maybe she’ll come after Wade looking for revenge.