David Koechner, of The Office, Anchorman, and Another Period fame, is the latest player to join us in the Pick A Choice warm seat. More than most Pick A Choice contestants, David is concerned with the buzz surrounding the celebrities in his fantasy scenarios. He only wants to picture himself with people who are “in the swim,” as he puts it. Watch the video to find out who made Koechner’s high-status cut—and how well he knows his celebrities whose names kind of sound like “David Koechner.”

If you’re new to the program, here are the rules: In each round, our guest draws two cards from a deck filled with famous names (both real and fictional) and one card from a deck of scenarios. Then it’s time for the guest to decide who they’d rather pick in the given scenario. For instance, would Maura Tierney or Martin Short be a better choice to coach you for a presidential debate?

If you’ve missed previous installments of Pick A Choice, you can watch them all this instant, one right after the other, without getting up to grab a drink or use the bathroom.