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The return of Young Justice was the biggest news of DC’s Wonder Comics announcement, reuniting the original team of Conner “Superboy” Kent, Bart “Impulse” Allen, Cassie “Wonder Girl” Sandsmark, and Tim “Robin” Drake for new adventures penned by the imprint’s creator, Brian Michael Bendis. Working with the main art team of Patrick Gleason, colorist Alejandro Sanchez, and letterer Wes Abbott with flashbacks drawn by a variety of guest artists, Bendis has revitalized the property with an exciting story that takes the teen heroes to Gemworld, a fantasy land of royal intrigue that has a very different feel than Earth. This alien setting brings added urgency to the team’s reunion as the heroes find themselves prisoners of Lord Opal, but luckily the the gang gains a new member who can guide them through this dangerous terrain: Amethyst, Princess Of Gemworld.


This exclusive preview of this week’s Young Justice #4 spotlights the fighting prowess of Amethyst in a flashback featuring art by John Timms and colorist Alex Sinclair, bringing an influx of dynamic energy after an ominous opening sequence by Gleason and Sanchez. The flashback reinforces Amethyst as a skilled swashbuckler, and Timms creates a chaotic atmosphere to intensify the stakes of the battle. The pink of Amethyst’s costume and sword makes her pop on the page, and this typically delicate color is associated with power as Amethyst carves her way through enemies. Amethyst is one of three new members including Jenny Hex, descendent of the Wild West gunslinger, Jonah Hex, and Teen Lantern, a mysterious new character who has somehow gained control of a Green Lantern ring, and these additions give the creative team the opportunity to expand the scope of Young Justice and make it more than just a reformation of the old guard.

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