Ed Skrein as Ajax in Deadpool (2016)

Who he is: Ajax, a.k.a. Francis Freeman

His power: Ajax is numb to all feeling, and his inability to feel pain makes him an especially dangerous combatant.


His story: Born Francis Freeman, Ajax gives himself a cool new name when he becomes a supervillain and starts performing experiments to spark genetic mutations. Subjecting himself to this procedure gives Ajax total numbness of feeling, which makes it even easier for him to torture terminally ill subjects like Wade Wilson and auction them off as superpowered assassins in Deadpool. Unfortunately for Ajax, Wade escapes after his healing abilities are unlocked and vows revenge on the hard-jawed Brit. As the masked mercenary Deadpool, Wade tracks down Ajax and slaughters his convoy of armed goons, but Ajax gets away when two X-Men arrive and distract his attacker. He fights back by kidnapping Deadpool’s girlfriend, Vanessa, and holding her hostage on a decommissioned aircraft carrier, where Ajax and Deadpool have one last showdown that ends with Ajax getting a bullet in his brain.

Played by: Ed Skrein

Currently, Ajax is: Decomposing in a pile of rubble with a hole in his head.

Where will we see him next? Unless he has a hidden superpower that can regenerate his missing brain tissue, Ajax is probably not showing up again in the XMU unless he’s in a flashback.