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A new superhero team takes action in this Batman And The Outsiders #1 exclusive

All images: DC Comics

The Outsiders originally debuted as Batman’s team for missions that the Justice League wouldn’t get involved in. For the new Batman And The Outsiders series, DC returns to this idea as Batman brings a fresh group of heroes together. Batman family members Signal and Orphan are the new additions to a team that includes former Outsiders Katana and Black Lighting, with Batman trusting the old guard to help the freshmen work through their issues by giving them something to punch.

Cover by Tyler Kirkham and Arif Prianto

Written by Bryan Edward Hill with art by Dexter Soy, colorist Veronica Gandini, and letterer Clayton Cowles, Batman And The Outsiders was originally slated to launch at the end of last year, but was delayed so that Hill could adjust the story to fit with larger events in the DC Universe. It finally hit stands this week, delivering high-octane superhero action with a layer of angst that touches all the characters.This exclusive preview of Batman And The Outsiders #1 introduces readers to the team in the middle of a battle, spotlighting the fighting ability of its veteran members and the reckless behavior that the newbies need to quell. Hill starts the series with a rush of action, taking advantage of Soy’s biggest strength as an artist.

Soy and Gandini previously worked together on Red Hood And The Outlaws, another action-driven comic with Gotham ties and characters with dark pasts. Soy knows how to use dynamics angles and character posing to emphasize the badassery of superhero characters, and the visual elements he pulls from manga are very beneficial in this regard. Gandini’s coloring adds texture to Soy’s linework, and having Black Lightning on the team gives her the opportunity to supercharge the linework with bright pops of electrical energy. Hill’s work on other superhero books like Killmonger and Michael Cray has proven that he can write phenomenal action sequences, making this a creative team especially well-suited for Batman’s superhero strikeforce.

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