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Shucks, even a folksy Fox News segment isn’t safe from protesters

Trading in good ol’ fashioned Americana is getting harder and harder. As evidenced in a recent clip from Fox And Friends, in which a reporter bypasses highfalutin city dwellers to interview the honest, authentic, hard-working folk eating breakfast at a Louisville, Kentucky diner, the dang protestors have infiltrated just about every aspect of society.

Please, courtesy of John Whitehouse, enjoy a real-time breakdown of the America that Fox News tries to project to its audience:


The best part of the video, aside from the scramble to cut the feed from the dangerous subversion of a man saying, “You got a Democrat right here,” is the stone face of the never-to-be-interviewed subject, stoic in camo cap and airbrushed “Papaw’s Cubs” T-shirt. In his frozen smile, we see the political discourse, suffocated by a goofball host who ends the segment by saying that “in the best interest of the telecast… we cut away.”

All of us should be chilled—not by our friends at Fox, but at the notion that if even a pancake breakfast isn’t safe from the Soros-funded agents of the left, something is seriously afoot. Please, in your prayers tonight, spare a moment for America, no longer frozen in time.

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