The curse of the Blossom twins: Dial M For Maple chats last night's Riverdale

On this week’s Riverdale, there will be blood! Or will there? There will, it turns out, even if Marah needs to remind Cameron that he saw it. And that’s why Dial M For Maple is here: To help you keep track of every drop. It’s an episode full of table-turning and double-crossing, and that’s before the arrival of some…

Dodge City taps into sports manga tropes to tell a fun story full of heart


Any conversation had about Dodge City #1 (BOOM!) has to start with how cute it is. And not in a cloying, saccharine way that makes it hard to appreciate. Dodge City is cute in a way that fans of manga like Princess Jellyfish or comics like Squirrel Girl will appreciate: it’s smart and motivated, driven by distinct…

Riverdale heads into the woods for a sex weekend, and Dial M For Maple follows

A new Riverdale finds Bughead & Varchie headed for the hills for a steamy weekend at Lodge Lodge. But this cabin in the woods isn’t just a place for the couples to knock boots and knock back some jalapeño margaritas—it’s also a powder keg ready to explode! Dial M For Maple is so happy to be back to recap it all,…

The author of Beasts Of No Nation returns with an overwhelmingly evocative coming-out novel


An evocative narrative and stark dialogue keeps Uzodinma Iweala’s Speak No Evil from a single dull moment. In Washington, D.C., two teens struggle with their identities and their futures. Niru is reaching adulthood, with one year left before he graduates high school. He’s overwhelmed by the pressures exerted by his…

From prestige film to trashy teen magazines, Podmass sates every pop culture appetite

In Podmass, The A.V. Club sifts through the ever-expanding world of podcasts and recommends the previous week’s best episodes. Have your own favorite? Let us know in the comments or at

Children Of Blood And Bone is less a novel than a YA movie franchise in waiting


Children Of Blood And Bone made headlines before the book was even published, thanks to a pair of flashy deals betting on Tomi Adeyemi’s planned Legacy Of Orisha trilogy to be the next YA sensation. Macmillan paid a reported seven figures for Adeyemi’s trilogy, while Fox is already adapting Children Of Blood And Bone

Black Crown explores the vast frontier of death in this Euthanauts first look

Where do people go when their bodies die? It’s a question that religion and science both seek to answer, but there aren’t any concrete answers. Announced today at Emerald City Comic-Con, the new Black Crown title, Euthanauts, poses that the realm of death is an expansive new world waiting to be explored. The…

Deathbed #1 invites readers on a weird, stunning trip with a madman adventurer


It takes a certain amount of confidence to open a comic with not one but two double-page spreads in a row, and Deathbed #1 (Vertigo) does exactly that. After a brief four-panel page introducing Antonio Luna as a just-born infant, Riley Rossmo delivers two pages of swamps and monsters that would be at home in any…


Ben Dolnick delivers compulsive readability, if not scares, in The Ghost Notebooks


It seems like a lark at first, as these things always do, when Nick Beron quits his job to follow his fiancée (whom he impulsively proposed to), Hannah Rampe, for her new role overseeing a remote museum. It’s a house dedicated to a philosopher who was obsessed with contacting his dead son, and which was the site of a…

If you've never read Seiichi Hayashi, pick up Drawn & Quarterly's Red Colored Elegy  


Red Colored Elegy (Drawn & Quarterly) is the longest sustained narrative produced by author Seiichi Hayashi, a cartoonist most recognized (when he’s recognized at all) for his opaque and elliptical short stories. His work tends to concern the interior lives of angsty young adults—most of them suffering from oppressive…